Xcelsius Hide and Show Chart Series

Interactively hiding and showing series on a chart is something that end users have been asking for as long as I have been working with Xcelsius. In the past, to accomplish this relatively simple task, it required a great deal of acrobatics utilizing dynamic visibility. Now with Xcelsius (SP3) we have a quick and simple way to set this up with built in functionality.

View the properties of any chart component. Select Appearance from the ribbon and then open the Layout tab. Within the Enable Legend section you will see the check box for Enable Hide/Show Chart Series at Run-time.


You should also note that you have two interaction options Check Box and Mouse Click. Check Box adds a check box to the legend for the user to select and deselect.


Mouse Click does not add a visual indicator but will provide a hover hint when you mouse over the series label. Clicking the series label will hide it. When a series is hidden the legend entry will be faded. Clicking on the series label again will display the series on the graph.


Well as you can see it does not get much simpler than this.

Hope you Enjoy.

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