World Backup Day

If you missed the memo, today is World Backup Day. No, I didn’t just make that up. It’s a thing. This weekend, I was reminded in the most painful way possible that a good backup and recovery strategy for your data and your BI landscapes is vital. I have to eat my own words. I did not effectively put into practice here at EVT what I was preaching.

We use Oracle for our development landscapes here at EVT (sorry friends). It’s a beefy little Mac Mini Server powering a ton of SAP BusinessObjects dev boxes. I’m not going to go through the (embarrassing) details how, but this box was wiped and reformatted this weekend. I’ll blame someone else if you ask me.

So with half a dozen landscapes now obliterated, as well as a ton of other development repositories, I went in search of our backup only to find an empty directory. Our trusty NAS, the keeper of our backups, was empty. That’s when I almost ralphed, coincidentally. We theorize it was actually mid-backup and our ill-timed backup job deleted the old archive before creating the new. Lame. Rookie move. Not to be repeated.

So, I’ll bring this hopefully-good-laugh-at-my-misfortune to a close. You may be the best in the world at backing up your data and BI landscapes.  Just make sure you can recover them both still.

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