Sherlock®-as-a-Service is, quite simply, Sherlock®, our SAP-Certified Solution to provide BI on BI. Customers that engage EV Technologies for consulting engagements or application management services can use Sherlock® at absolutely no charge for the duration of the engagement. Sherlock® will stop collecting data at the conclusion of the engagement, but the accumulated Sherlock® data belongs to you and can be queried indefinitely using the Sherlock® universe.

Sherlock®-As-A-Service Conceptual Diagram 2016

Sherlock®-as-a-Service can also run in a small footprint (without a relational database) to facilitate data acquisition for system health checks and migration assessments. In this scenario, Sherlock® performs a one-time BI landscape inspection in just a few minutes or hours. The acquired data is securely encrypted and transferred to our data center for analysis.

Sherlock® Toolkit Conceptual Diagram 2016

In either case, we hope you’ll see the business value of using BI-on-BI as part of your organization’s long-term BI strategy and make the Sherlock® Inspector Suite a permanent part of your BI landscape.