VIDEO: How to Custom Group Objects in SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.1 SP2

I still remember the first time I found out I couldn’t group objects in Web Intelligence like I could with Desktop Intelligence (Deski).  I was in a training session and another student asked the instructor where on the toolbar was the button to group dimensions.  It was just assumed the functionality would be there. When the instructor responded by saying you would need to use “if-then” logic, there were gasps in the air.  I even remember one person walking out of the training.  This was back in 2007 and the training was to help transition legacy BOBJ Deski users to Webi.

Web Intelligence has come a very long way since then and I now feel even the most devoted BOBJ user who has held on the longest with Deski can find a new home for reporting.  There have been some significant updates to Web Intelligence in BI 4.1 SP2 and one of the most significant is the ability to custom group objects on the fly without having to create complex logic in the variable editor.

The video below walks through the process of grouping objects in Web Intelligence.


Please share your thoughts below if you feel this new grouping functionality will help sway users who are still loyal to Deski or if there are still other functions that need to be brought into Web Intelligence.

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