Video: Create Drill-Down Mobile SAP Dashboards

As of SAP Dashboards 4.1 SP1,  developers have the added ability connect to data from a QaaWS connection for Mobile Dashboards.  Previously, only the internal query browser within Dashboards was Mobile compatible.  Now you can pull in BI Services published from Web Intelligence into Mobile Dashboards. This added functionality brings a new level to Mobile Dashboards for SAP as a developer for 2 main reasons:

(1) it allows you to go against cached data as opposed to only live queries

(2) it allows you to minimize the number of connections needed to pull into the dashboard

The following video below will help demonstrate how to pull in the BI Service into Mobile Dashboards and utilize the drill-down technique for the cached data.


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4 thoughts on “Video: Create Drill-Down Mobile SAP Dashboards

  1. Hello Ahmed!

    I like so much your Video.. And I tryed to do the same, but found a Bug..

    When you select Texas or New York in the dashboard, happen the following.

    If, I select New York as It has a one City the result is one just and It’s OK… but If I do drill down city-New York the dashboard don’t show the store.

    The same issue I have with Texas….

    How can I resolve that?

    Thank you so much!


  2. Hi Marlenis,

    First off, thanks for checking out the blog. Secondly, may I ask what version of BI4 and Service Pack are you using. I have seen this issue you speak of in SP4 and SP5 of BI4.0.

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