Unlocking the Secrets of SAP Lumira Discovery 2.1

I recently needed to generate a product key for SAP Lumira Discovery 2.1. So I built a new system in the SAP License Manager and selected SAP Lumira 2.1 from the drop-down list.
SAP License Manager - System Details

There wasn’t an option for a Lumira 2.1 key, so I chose to generate a Lumira 2.0 key.

SAP License Manager - Managing Keys

Sadly, Lumira Discovery 2.1 isn’t impressed with a Lumira Discovery 2.0 license key.

SAP Lumira Discovery - This keycode is invalid.

After scratching my head, I remembered that choosing V2.0SP02 as a key version was an option. It was worth a shot. SAP License Manager - key for SAP Lumira V2.0SP02

And sure enough, that key made SAP Lumira Discovery 2.1 happy.

Congratulations. Your copy of SAP Lumira Discovery is now fully enabled and ready to use.

You can read more in SAP KB 2519499 – How to create license keys for SAP Lumira Discovery 2.0 and 2.1.

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