Two Presentations, One Webinar and Four Flights in Two Days

March is going to get off to a frantic start for me here in Australia. I guess it’s just how things happen in life where you are always in idle or flat out… there never seems to be a middle road.

If you are not aware then BetterBOBJ Data in Motion starts on the 5th March here in APJ and kicks off with Dallas Marks talking about  Analytics Story Telling which really is going to set the tone for a great free 16 week Webinar series. Please feel free to register here.

I will be the SAUG Canberra Event that day and will be MC’ing the webinar which kicks off just after the opening keynote at 10am.

Later that day I will be speaking at the event and have got the 4:15pm grave yard shift  ;-). My topic is “SAP HANA SPS07 – What you need to know”. For those attending I promise to not kill you with PowerPoint slides and I am looking to fill the agenda up completely with live Demo’s of new features in SPS07 of HANA.

I am really looking forward to catching up with every-one at the event and if you are in the Canberra area then do make sure you get there. Full agenda can be found here.

Early the next morning I am on the red-eye flight back to Brisbane where I will be attending the first SAUG Brisbane Kick Off Meeting of 2014. Being new to Australia and Queensland I am really looking forward to meeting all the local community members. I met a few people at the SAUG Summit last year in Sydney so it will be good to see some familiar faces again.

I am doing the same SAP HANA SPS07 presentation  at this event and with a 30 minute time cap there will definitely be no time for PowerPoints so I will hop straight into the live demo’s.

If you are going to be at any of these events then please do come say hi…. for me it is going to be a crazy 30 odd hours I will ensure I make all the necessary sacrifices to the demo gods.


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