The 2010 SBOUC

Well, this is quite an experience for me really. I am writing this blog from my shiny new iPad. I’m really making far fewer errors than I ever thought I would. Auto correct really helps a lot!

On to the real point…I am truly humbled to have been selected by the ASUG peeps to present at this year’s SBOUC. My topic which was selected is titled “Exploring Auditor Data”. I am quite excited to have a chance to prepare a demo on this technology using an often unused/underutilized component of the XI architecture (Auditor, hopefully not Explorer).

Luckily for you, those planning the conference have given you your compelling reason to stay to the end of the conference… I am presenting in the absolute last slot in the conference on Thursday. That is what we call “batting cleanup” in the professional speaker’s circuit 🙂

As a preview, my abstract:

Auditor data provides a great deal of insight into the behaviors of users in an SAP Business Objects XI deployment. However, in its current form, administrators can find it challenging in dealing with significant volumes of Auditor data. Rather than resorting to ETL or other denormalization techniques, learn how to leverage newer investments in SAP Explorer to create robust InfoSpaces for better activity intelligence for your SAP Business Objects XI deployment.

Anyway, I hope you make it to this year’s conference, and beyond that, I hope you get to stick around long enough to come and hear my presentation to, at the very least, heckle me at session 1013.

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