Sherlock® 2.3.2 – Better Performance and International Support

Internationalization, Improved Performance, and More Metadata

Four months and 115 tasks brought us to a great Sherlock® release focused on multi-lingual support, improved indexing times for the report inspectors, and even more metadata about your SAP BusinessObjects content and schedules.


Due to our growing customer based, we’ve added the ability to pull in characters from all of the languages supported by SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 and BI4. Previously, when we encountered non-Western characters, we did not pull in the characters correctly which resulted in a series of question marks instead of report names, universe names, and object names that we didn’t recognize. With Sherlock® 2.3.2, we now pull in these characters correctly so that you can see the full names of your content.

Improved Performance

A few big improvements were introduced so that we can index your systems faster:

  • Sherlock® KPI has been re-written to improve the speed with which we index your SAP BusinessObjects Audit data.
  • Sherlock® Report Inspector for Crystal Reports, Desktop Intelligence, and Web Intelligence now benefit from a parameter to ignore instances. This allows the report inspectors to only index core reports. The instances are still captured in the metadata generated by the Sherlock® CMS Inspector.
  • Sherlock® Report Inspector for Crystal Reports now indexes fewer reports at a time thereby reducing the strain on the SAP BusinessObjects deployment and improving the speed of our indexing.

More Metadata

Building upon the foundation of 2.3.0 where we provided details about your report variables and formulas, we’ve added the ability to determine which of your query objects are used inside of a merged dimension. This provides even more information for you to plan your service pack, fix pack, or major release upgrades. Cross reference known issues and fixed issues in the calculation engine or report processing against this data in Sherlock® and you can quickly identify which of your reports will be impacted by an upgrade.


Adding to our available metadata about your SAP BusinessObjects services we’ve now provided the ability to see the category of services that you’ve deployed. This allows you to group your services into buckets by type and see how many of each type you’ve deployed across your various deployments.


In addition, we’ve added the capability to report on the server group preferences for a report and determine which server group was used during the process of the report.

I hope that this post gives you a broad understanding of the improvements introduced in this new version of the Sherlock® Inspector Suite. If you are interested in finding out more information, contact us. If you are an existing customer and want to implement the new version, grab it from here.

Thanks for reading.

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