Sherlock® Mobile is Here

I find myself, once again, smiling ear to ear at the new toys my team brings me. Sherlock® Mobile BETA launches tomorrow for existing Sherlock® customers. We first showed this off at ASUG‘s SAP BusinessObjects User Conference (SBOUC) in September but wanted to put some finishing touches on the app before we started pushing it out to customers.

This isn’t just Sherlock® for SAP BusinessObjects distilled onto a mobile device with some reports. Sherlock® Mobile builds upon the proven Sherlock® framework to provide not only the ability to take control of your SAP BusinessObjects environment from your iPad (and soon other devices), but to look at near real-time system performance statistics to make informed decisions on how to remediate issues within your environment.

Sherlock® Mobile comes out of the gates with a sample connection to Sherlock® Cloud. We’ve got a sample system out there churning out data so you can play around with and interact with Sherlock® Mobile. Don’t get overly excited. You can’t actually bounce our servers. But you can definitely play around with the interactivity in our app and sample data.

Do you need to peek in on user activity on a specific CMS server in the cluster?


Do you need to see if Web Intelligence has been running at its maximum number of connections on a given day?


Yep. That is just the start. We’ve got more mobile device support, more in-app capability, the ability (in-app) to PURCHASE server up time (totally kidding), and more.

Look for Sherlock® Mobile to go generally available this year. For our current Sherlock® customers, enjoy running your SAP BusinessObjects environment from Starbucks like our very own BI Barista. I will be.

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