Sherlock® 2.0 is Here

You will not typically see me talk about EV Technologies products on this blog. I’m not going to go over the top with sales here, but I do want to spend some time in my next few posts, in and around BI4 stuff, to talk about Sherlock® 2.0. I hope you will still tune in. Read on to learn more about the awesome promotion we are going to kick off Sherlock® 2.0 with and to get your first taste of what Sherlock® 2.0 has to offer.

Let’s start off with the fun stuff…get over to to learn more about the rules and rewards for playing along. Starting on February 28, we are going to kick off our new Sherlock® 2.0 launch with a fun twitter contest.

I am actually incredibly excited about this release. Today, I’m going to start soft on what is new and we’ll build up from there. Sherlock® 2.0 really builds upon our existing architecture to deliver new insights into the SAP BusinessObjects platform. One of our newest enhancements is the addition of:

  • Object limitsblog005701
  • Advanced Rights
  • Access Levels

Within the major reporting content subject areas, we now support a rich reporting environment to enable administrators to easily report on these types of access from a holistic approach. We could have easily just chucked the raw data for rights out there, but it was extremely important to us to create an intelligible reporting structure to make it make sense.

Want to report on all reports or universes Joe in Finance has access to? No problem. Want to see all reports that the Sales team has access to? It’s there. Want to determine where inheritance rules and explicit permissions kicked in? You’ve got it.

That’s all for now. Don’t forget about the twitter promotion and look forward to a few more posts leading up to the Sherlock® 2.0 launch.

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