Totally free, and just for you, the Be a Better SAP bobj Admin series consists of 9 10 webinars to help you improve the health and stability of your SAP BusinessObjects deployment.

Current Series

BetterBOBJ for APJ

We are currently repeating our BetterBOBJ series for  SAP BusinessObjects customers in APJ. If you would like to learn more about the series or register, check out the direct link to the BetterBOBJ series.


September 27 2012 – The Politics of Upgrades with Greg Myers

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Technology experts are seldom the ones in decision-making positions when it comes time to upgrade your major systems. Upgrade decisions can affect a large number of users and decision makers alike, and because people are involved it can become highly political. In order to be an “agent of change”, learn about the different roles you must play in order to make the business case for the big decision.


October 4 2012 – Getting High (Availability) with Eric Vallo

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Review various architectural options for disaster recovery, such as leveraging local data centers or third-party vendors, and gauge which option would be best for your SAP BusinessObjects BI system. Determine the ideal level of deployment for yo ur disaster recovery initiatives, based on your organization’s size and SAP BusinessObjects environment. Get tips for constructing a fault-tolerant SAP BusinessObjects enterprise architecture, such as using redundant components and expanded load balancing capabilities. Discover best practices for supporting high availability clusters for an SAP BusinessObjects BI landscape without going over budget. Identify the appropriate mix of minimum availability to recovery need to ensure the ongoing availability of mission critical business analytics. Realize the capability to create a recoverable and scalable environment even with limited resources. Throughout this presentation, we will explore the critical components of the SAP BusinessObjects landscape and common enterprise architecture components that can help ensure the availability of your environment.


October 11 2012 – We Will Miss You, Import Wizard with Eric Vallo

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Learn more about the LifeCycle Manager product that is part of the BusinessObjects suite of products. LCM is used to promote objects from one environment to another (ie. Dev, Test, Prod). Come learn more about the LifeCycle Manager product and how you can utilize it in your environment.


October 25 2012 – Sponsored Episode – Smoothing the Road to BI4 with Coy Yonce

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The road to BI4 is a long and winding one. Do you have Deski content that needs to go away? How much of your content is obsolete and doesn’t need to survive the move? Spend time with Coy Yonce learning how to save time and money by effectively monitoring and managing this content, both prior to, and after the big move to BI4.


November 8 2012 – Customizing BI4 with Dallas Marks

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SAP BusinessObjects may not necessarily fit the look and feel you are going for in your organization. Dallas is going to take a stab at helping you with ideas in giving the BI Launch Pad a facelift, making sure your reports are fit and trim, and that as you design for mobility, you cover all your bases.


December 6 2012 – Awash in the Watchlist with Greg Myers

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The BI4 Monitoring Engine received a major overhaul in Feature Pack 3. Take a tour of the Monitoring Dashboard, see what has changed and improved from the base release. Learn the difference between Metrics, Watches, and Probes, and when and how to use each to develop your own, meaningful Enterprise Monitoring solution.


January 3 2012 – Improving Root Cause Analysis with Remote Support Component featuring Toby Johnston with Greg Myers

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Gaining visibility into the inner-workings of your SAP BusinessObjects environment can be challenging even for the skilled system administrators. Invariably, the conversation comes down to the “Root Cause”. SAP has a way to help, and it comes to you with SAP Enterprise Support at no additional cost. RSC is a powerful and insightful monitoring solution that can help you find the root cause of technical issue as well as provide detailed insight into your SAP BusinessObjects system operations. SAP’s Toby Johnston and SAP Mentor Greg Myers give you a tour of RSC and how it can benefit your organization.


January 17 2012 – “Exploring” Auditor Data with Dallas Marks

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Auditor data provides a great deal of insight into the behaviors of users in a SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 deployment. However, in its raw form, administrators can find it challenging to deal with significant volumes of Auditor data. Rather than resorting to ETL or other denormalization techniques, learn how to leverage SAP BusinessObjects Explorer to create robust Information Spaces and Exploration Views for better activity intelligence for your SAP BusinessObjects deployment.


February 28 2012 – Munging BI4 Logs with Coy Yonce

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We all know things go wrong. Yes, even in our environments. Join Coy as he takes a deeper dive into the logs generated in BI4 and discusses ways to use them for identifying problems within the reporting mechanisms and how to use these logs for integration with other monitoring platforms.


May 1 2013 – Epic Failure: Practical lessons in Capacity Testing SAP BI Solutions 

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Delivery of business analytics to end-users is becoming more important every day. Critical business decisions are based on accurate and timely information. Can your business-intelligence (BI) platform deliver the analytics your users require? SAP Mentor Greg Myers will outline some surefire methods for properly sizing and scaling your BI platform, benchmarking your system, and understanding the limits of your capacity before your users do.


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