EV Technologies has been at the forefront of SAP BusinessObjects migrations for several years now. From being frequent bloggers, to SAP Press Authors, to completing these migrations for customers world-wide, our experienced team and SAP-certified technology create proven results. Our framework consists of efforts to:

EV Technologies Migration Framework

  • Discover – Engaging key architects and stakeholders within your organization facilitates better outcomes as requirements are gathered.
  • Analyze – Gather data via Sherlock®-as-a-Service and investigate.
  • Interpret – Reconcile requirements to facts from Sherlock®.
  • Design – Create a plan that encompasses all known requirements, utilization facts, and potential barriers to impede a migration’s success.
  • Implement – Our proven standard build process insures a successful landscape installation and content migration.

The outcomes have immense value. Armed with data about your landscape and requirements gathered during this process, we are able to provide the needed design, planning, and test strategy to effectively move your landscape to the latest edition of the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform.

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