EV Technologies offers services tailored to help organizations attain success in the implementation and maintenance of a Business Intelligence implementation. It is highly likely that if using a mainstream Business Intelligence product, a significant investment has already been made. EV Technologies offers products and services aimed at maximizing the return on investment in the Business Intelligence stack:

  • Environment/Architecture assessments, providing you insight into ways to maximize your investment in Business Intelligence. These assessments may include, but are not limited to, environment stability assessments, technology selection/refresh, scalability assessments, or migration assessments.
  • Administration Workshops aimed at assisting organizations with improved administrative capabilities utilizing both SAP BusinessObjects® and EV Technologies products.
  • Custom SAP BusinessObjects integration products, utilizing the SAP Business Objects suite of SDKs.
  • Administration and maintenance of SAP BusinessObjects platforms.

Our Environment/Architecture assessments are backed fully by our own use of EV Technologies’ Sherlock®. With Sherlock®, we are able to provide you a holistic view of your environment, potential bottlenecks, opportunities for tuning and user education.

For more information on any of the services available through EV Technologies, please contact us.