Imagine, if you will, a consultant stops by your office and begins endlessly clicking through screens and documenting your environment. This creates a few problems. That research is frequently incomplete and therefore, inconclusive.

At EV Technologies, we begin all projects by inspecting your environment with a lightweight edition of our Sherlock® Inspector Suite that we call Sherlock®-as-a-Service. In just a few hours, we inspect your landscapes without performance disruption and transfer securely encrypted data files to our data center for analysis. Our architects-  and yours- are then empowered by facts, not guesses, about your SAP BI landscapes.

Sherlock® Toolkit Conceptual Diagram 2016


Who needs this?

Customers where the need arises for an assessment, health check, or migration based on a few scenarios:

  • Your organization is currently running an unsupported or soon-to-be unsupported edition of SAP BusinessObjects. We offer an affordable SAP Analytics Upgrade Readiness Assessment that gives you everything you need to kick off your upgrade project, including fact-based hardware sizing, an architecture specification, and a licensing estimate.
  • Your organization is experiencing massive growth in the use of BI or instabilities due to this type of growth.  This means a simple review of your system settings is insufficient. We need to go deeper with a BI Architecture Health Check.
  • Your organization has years of growth and content accumulated.  This is the perfect reason to assess the current state of BI adoption, user profiling, and a formulation of a growth plan as a part of a BI Assessment.
  • Your organization is about to go live on a new implementation of SAP BusinessObjects.  This is the time to load test.  Take advantage of our experience in systems design and capacity testing to ensure your environment is fit to handle the load you have brought to the table in a BI Capacity Test.

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