SAP Lumira 1.17 Now Available with Direct Access to BEx Queries

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I clicked on SAP Lumira and saw the following message pop up;

6-15-2014 8-34-43 PM


SAP Lumira 1.17 is now generally available for download directly from the tool without even having to go to the SAP Marketplace (this feature has been available for some time, Kudos to SAP!).  I have been eagerly awaiting this version as it includes direct access to Bex Queries from BW.   Previously, the only way to directly access BW content through Lumira is through a SAP JCO connection using an SAP Relation universe (UNX).  I discussed this process of connecting BW data to Lumira in a previous blog.  This process, however, does not allow Lumira to access previously created Bex Queries but only access to more raw content from Infoproviders and Mulitproviders.  With 1.17 SAP Lumira will now directly connect to OLAP connections and save you the time it would take to recreate the content in BW relational universes.

Once your download and installation has completed, you will immediately see a new addition to the connections available.



By selecting ‘Connect to SAP Business Warehouse’, you will need to enter your BW credentials similar to what you would enter on the SAP GUI.


Afterwards, you should see all of your available connections in BW that can be viewed as Lumira Visualizations.  Select a query that you would like to see visualized inside of Lumira.



Once you’ve selected a dataset, press continue and you should be done.  You will then see a familiar look to your data as it would appear in a Bex Query.


Go ahead and select a different visualization for the table, such as a bar chart.



You’re all set.  You now have your queries directly as they are in BW and they can be manipulated, integrated, and visualized like any other dataset inside of Lumira.


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