EV Technologies to present at SAP Insider BI 2016 and HANA 2016 in Vienna, Austria

This June, I’m heading to Vienna, Austria to speak at SAPinsider BI2016 and HANA 2016. You can register as one of our guests and receive a €400 discount. Here are the details on my sessions.

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Analytics end-to-end! An in-depth examination of the full analytics process and how to make it work at your organisation
Sunday, 19 June, 2016
14:00 – 17:00

This pre-conference session was well attended at the BI 2016 conference in Las Vegas and will have updated material for the Vienna event. Attend this session for a comprehensive look at the end-to-end analytics process, critical steps necessary for successfully deploying the right analytic tools and process, and potential issues to look out for that can lead to unwanted results. The analytics process has many stages, and an increasing number are hidden by modern tooling. Attend this in-depth workshop to:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the full analytics process from multiple points of view and insight into how analytics can go wrong
  • Understand how SAP’s BI tools fit into this process
  • Learn how common data analysis problems, such as the need for data integration and discovery can invalidate your predictions and sabotage your business, and get tips to avoid these mistakes
  • Examine the data analytics workflow in detail, from modelling and measurement to statistical testing, machine learning, and conclusion
  • Get techniques to identify problems, such as biased measurements or incorrect models, and practical steps to avoid them

SAP HANA is more than just a fast database — How to fully exploit its capabilities to improve analytics
Monday, 20 June, 2016
17:00 – 18:15

This session takes a look beyond what many customers using or planning to use SAP HANA might consider, and explores how SAP HANA can be leveraged to build business-changing applications capable of making real-time predictions, analysing massive amounts of unstructured data, and using geospatial data; all integrated within a single platform. You will:

  • Explore where each piece of SAP HANA’s architecture, such as predictive, text analysis, and geospatial, can fit within the enterprise and add value
  • Understand how focus on UX, an afterthought at the turn of the century, drives how we experience apps everywhere today even without investment in SAPUI5 or SAP Fiori
  • Participate in an interactive exercise to define potential scenarios to improve analytics processes, both on premise and in the cloud

Ask the Experts: HANA 2016

I’ll be joining a panel of experts to answer your questions about SAP HANA.

BI 2016 and HANA 2016 are co-located with Financials 2016, GRC 2016, and HR 2016. Registration for one event provides access to sessions at all five events.

See you in Vienna!

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