SAP Insider BusinessObjects Q&A in APJ

Last week SAP Mentor, Diversified Semantic Layer contributor, and good friend Josh Fletcher and I were asked to host a live Question and Answer session about SAP BusinessObjects tool choice by SAP Insider ahead of the SAP HANA 2014 conference in Singapore.

Josh is unfortunately not going to make it this year due to a date change but I will be there and presenting three times. This is the third time I am heading to the event in consecutive years and I look forward to reconnecting with the local APJ market again and I’m sure the event is going to be even bigger and better than last year.

Back to the Q&A … this was the first time that I did one of these and it was a crazy hour ! As a panelist you get a list of questions that you do your best to answer considering that many of the questions could be a blog series or book 🙂 I think we answered over 100 questions in the hour which both Josh and I were very happy with.

My 3 key personal takeaways were as follows:

  1. There is still confusion around which SAP BusinessObjects tool to use in what scenario. Jayne Landry from SAP had recently released a Run Simple blog post around the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio and both Josh and I referred back to her article a lot.
  2. There were also more than a few HANA questions in the mix and people still seem to be struggling as to where this technology could fit into their organisation. I have two HANA focussed sessions at SAP HANA 2014 and really try to articulate the use case for each solution that I am presenting on.
  3. The deep technical questions which are great as a techie

As I mentioned there are over 100 questions and reading the transcript afterwards I can see that I went into way to much detail in all my answers where as Josh who was a veteran was short and precise.

The link to the transcript can be found here.

Thanks again to SAP Insider and Kristine for the invite and if you are going to SAP HANA 2014 then please do say “Hi,” as it’s great to get to know everyone in the community and help out where I can


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