SAP HANA in Singapore – October 13th-15th 2014

This is the third year in a row that I am heading back to SAP HANA event in Singapore and as per past years I cannot wait to get there !

It once again promises to be an awesome event with great content and networking opportunities.

About a month back Josh Fletcher and I hosted a live Q&A around SAP BusinessObjects Tool Choice and I really feel that this set a great tone for the upcoming conference.

I will be speaking 3 times and if you have not yet registered for the event then you can do so here.

My sessions are as follows:

Techniques for creating sophisticated and dynamic SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence reports

Tuesday 14th 16:15 – 17:15 

This session goes beyond core functionality and offers new ideas and techniques to optimise an SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence self-service reporting environment. Delegates will learn how to:

  • Utilise calculation contexts and input controls for more sophisticated and dynamic Web reports that meet the demands of complex user and business requirements
  • Exploit key formatting and distribution capabilities to extend SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence reports onto mobile devices
  • Make self-service Web analytics more interactive, including tips to enable drill-down capabilities using OpenDocument functionality

This is a session that good friend and fellow SAP Mentor Josh Fletcher put together. Due to scheduling conflict Josh is not going to be there so I have the honour of delivering this session. For any-one who has every been to any of Josh’s sessions then you know that they are a non stop value add and I cannot wait to give this session !

Lessons to query, analyse, and visualise unstructured data with SAP HANA and SAP Lumira

Wednesday 15th 10:15 – 11:15 

This session examines tools and techniques to search, process, and analyse unstructured text-based data to derive business insights. Delegates will step through live demos and learn how to:

  • Exploit text search and analysis capabilities in SAP HANA to extract and classify unstructured text into entities and domains
  • Process and search large volumes of unstructured data across various document types, from call centre operations, to social media, blogs, forums, and email
  • Visualise the resulting data sets using SAP Lumira

As the industry gets on board with the HANA Platform message rather that SAP HANA being a fast database then we can start to realise the true value of the HANA Platform. There is also some Sentiment Analysis in here using SAP Data Services for those not on SAP HANA yet so be sure not to miss this one !

Custom front-end development on SAP HANA with SAP River

Wednesday 15th 14:45 – 15:45 

Attend this his demo-heavy session to explore tools, techniques, and real-world use cases for custom application development on SAP HANA. You will:

  • Explore data types and examples of various data sources that can be incorporated into real-time analytic applications on SAP HANA
  • Review simplified architecture for native application development on the SAP HANA platform
  • Understand options and requirements for custom application development on SAP HANA, and view a live demo of the process using SAP River

SAP River and the custom front-end development in the SAP HANA space to me is the most exciting space in SAP analytics right now. In this session I will build a custom application and show attendees how SAP River takes away all the heavy lifting that developers usually go through to develop custom applications.

For me it is then back home for a few days before I fly off to Tech-Ed is Las Vegas to get the latest updates in the technology space from SAP and drink from the so called information fire hose to ensure that I am up to date with where everything is going.

If you have not yet registered for the SAP HANA event then I seriously urge you to do so. There are so many experts and fellow customers there who in all probability are/have faced the same challenges that you are and are always more than willing to add insight. To me – this networking opportunity and comparing “war stories” are the real value behind this conference.

If you have registered then please do come say hi. It will be great to catch up and see how every-one is progressing on their analytics journey and I more than happy to help where I can.

Looking forward to seeing old and new friends next week



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