SAP BusinessObjects BI4 SP4 is HERE!

The long awaited, much ancitipated SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.0 Service Pack 4 (BI4) is finally here. Just announced minutes ago by SAP, this is a big release indeed.

Not only does this contain the much-touted revamp and polish of Feature Pack 3, but also includes some additional patch goodness that has dropped since Feature Pack 3 went into Ramp-Up.

For those of you who have been waiting, this is the release you have been waiting for. This version of BI4 will run circles around the version we got last year.

Release Notes are not quite public yet, but once they are you can find them HERE in SAP Note 1727458.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the SAP Service Marketplace and get those downloads burning!

3 thoughts on “SAP BusinessObjects BI4 SP4 is HERE!

  1. Hi Vamsi,

    FP3 is no longer in Ramp Up. The release they let go Generally Available, SAP is calling SP04, which includes all of FP3 plus the patches that came out of the Ramp-Up process.

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