Our SAP Analytics Upgrade Readiness Assessment is a small step for your IT budget but a giant leap for your organization’s business intelligence strategy. Using Sherlock®, our SAP Certified Solution, we’ll analyze your existing SAP business intelligence landscape. We replace hours of guesswork with fact-based insights to provide a sizing, system architecture, and licensing recommendation for your SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.2 (BI4) upgrade.


Using your system metrics, our Sherlock® software, and SAP’s standard sizing tools like the Resource Usage Estimator, we’ll let you know the right amount of hardware for your new SAP BusinessObjects BI4 implementation. We’ll also size for add-on products like SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, and SAP Lumira.


We’ll provide a system architecture that addresses your needs for scalability and fault tolerance so your engineers will know exactly how to deploy the hardware, whether physical or virtual.

2-day assessment SAP BusinessObjects architecture diagram


We’ll let you know, based on your current usage patterns, if your current licensing is adequate. Using data provided by Sherlock®, you can even move confidently from component licensing to BI suite licensing, getting just the right amount of concurrent access licenses based on your current system usage.

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A Trusted Partner

The fourth thing we provide is trust. EV Technologies is recognized globally as a trusted parter for SAP analytics solutions. Whether it’s data visualization design, application management services, or education, we can be a valuable part of your team and help your organization reach its business intelligence objectives.

EV Technologies at SAP Insider BI 2015

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