SAP Analytics Outstanding Partner of the Year


At SAP’s recent field sales kickoff meeting (FKOM), EV Technologies was recognized as SAP Analytics Outstanding Partner of the Year for 2015. During the award presentation, I didn’t get cut off (thanks Kanye!) and I didn’t swear (apologies to any Adele fans). But my mind did a flashback to seven years ago when I started EV Technologies in my basement with a few of my close childhood friends (true story). The product we started coding in that basement would eventually become Sherlock®, a SAP-certified solution that provides BI on BI about SAP analytics landscapes.

Our diverse team has grown over the past seven years and our service portfolio has grown as well to cover BI architecture, data architecture, data visualization, big data, and software development. A few of us have become SAP Press authors and others have been recognized as SAP Mentors. Our diversity allows us to solve a wide array of challenges, both on-premise and in the cloud, and we do these things for customers world wide. But the one thing we all share in common is a passion for analytics and a passion for excellence.

We wish to express our gratitude to SAP for selecting us for this honor and to our customers for allowing us to be part of their success.

Eric Vallo

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