Here are some frequently asked questions about the Sherlock® Inspector Suite, our SAP-certified solution for providing BI about your SAP BI landscapes.

What are the system requirements for Sherlock®?

Sherlock® is Windows-based and works best on its own Windows server with 2 CPU and 16 GB RAM. Sherlock® utilizes the SAP BusinessObjects client tools, which should be installed prior to installing Sherlock®. Sherlock® also requires its own repository database, which can be Oracle, SQL Server, mySQL or IBM DB2.

How long does it take to install once we purchase Sherlock®?

The great news is that it doesn’t take much time at all. Point Sherlock® to your SAP BusinessObjects system. Then point it to a database which will retain your Sherlock® database.  Then go! When Sherlock® is done working its magic, grab your favorite SAP reporting tool and start analyzing using the Sherlock® universe.

Which versions of SAP BusinessObjects does Sherlock® support?

Today, Sherlock® supports SAP BusinessObjects XI R2, SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.1, and SAP BusinessObjects BI4 (including BI 4.0, BI 4.1, and BI 4.2) as well as the Edge edition of those versions. We also have an edition specifically for SAP Crystal Server. Your SAP BusinessObjects environment may be running on Microsoft Windows, Unix, Linux…Sherlock® can inspect them all.

Auditor has been running for three years. We have bajillions of rows of historical data there. Do we really need any other tools?

Auditor is only one-half of the puzzle, which is why we inspect and store an optimized set of Auditor data within Sherlock®.  But Sherlock® is the other half of the whole with Auditor. Auditor is the rear-view mirror- it is only a measure of activity that has taken place in the past. Sherlock® integrates this usage data with rich metadata about all of the content that lives within the system, providing a much more complete picture than Auditor can on its own.

We recently had another SAP Partner do a health check and we’re really fine with our daily CMS restarts. But, thanks anyway.

That is a shame. Other SAP Partners, and really, even SAP, can only see what is available within Auditor and via the Central Management Console.  Sherlock® exposes so much more than that.  Sherlock® provides robust information about your systems configuration, exposes insights that can aid administrators at properly tuning even the most obscure of services within the environment, and has a proven track record of helping us to resolve some of the ugliest of system instability issues that we have seen with our customers.

We’ve tried other free/paid tools like this that crash my CMS.  I’m not comfortable running yours any more than running theirs.

SAP Certified Integration with SAP BusinessObjects logoThat is totally fair.  But, you should remember that Sherlock® is certified by SAP for integration with SAP BusinessObjects and has been proven to run on systems as little as 1,500 reports, and if you can believe it, as large as 900,000 reports.  When Sherlock® was running against that mammoth system, the administrator didn’t even detect a performance impact.  Sure, there are cases where customers have unstable systems to begin with.  That is where EVtechnologies crack team of architects can come in to play for your organization, before we introduce Sherlock®.

Have more questions? We’d love to have a conversation about how Sherlock® can help provide BI about your BI landscape.