What is Sherlock®?

Sherlock® is a SAP Certified Solution that provides BI on BI about your SAP BusinessObjects landscapes to enable better decision making for your organization’s BI strategy. Sherlock® is a collection of inspectors that run silently while gathering the needed metadata about each of your SAP BusinessObjects landscapes. This data is integrated into a single repository and accessible by our suite of pre-built analytics or custom analytics that you can create via the Sherlock® universe.

Sherlock® Conceptual Diagram

Sherlock® installs in minutes, inspects a landscape in just a few hours, and delivers actionable analysis in seconds. Sherlock® 3 brings with it an improved services architecture that includes a Real Time Service, a built-in scheduler for each of the inspectors, and simpler installation and maintenance.

The Sherlock® universe organizes a data model that we have carefully designed to expose a great deal of Sherlock® 3metadata about your SAP BusinessObjects community, analytics, data sources, and how they all fit together. We’ve made it possible to report on everything that has happened during the life of your SAP BusinessObjects deployment by capturing history. We’ve also made it possible to see when something was deleted from SAP BusinessObjects. All this, plus even more metadata about your analytics content, users, and data sources.

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  • IT leaders gain fact-based details on user adoption and resource utilization to be able to determine reporting costs by application or business area.
  • Competency centers gain detailed information on how reports and report data are being utilized to determine what content is valuable and should be maintained as well as what content is no longer used and can be removed.
  • Developers gain the ability to perform complete impact analysis on report changes as well as receive a detailed understanding of how each report is constructed.
  • Administrators receive deep insights into system stability and performance risks as well as scheduling utilization and error management utilizing automated daily activity reports.

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System Requirements

  • Sherlock® is available for the SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform, SAP Edge BI, and SAP Crystal Server.
  • Sherlock® supports SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI R2, SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 and SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4 (BI4), including BI 4.0, BI 4.1 and even BI 4.2.
  • Sherlock® requires a Microsoft Windows 2008 or 2012 server but can inspect any of the supported operating systems for SAP BusinessObjects, whether it is Microsoft Windows, Unix, or Linux.
  • Sherlock® requires a relational database (Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server or mySQL)