10 Steps to SAP BusinessObjects BI4 – Introduction

In the coming weeks, you are going to get my take on ten steps to get to SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.  You probably didn’t see that coming.  I probably also can’t take full credit.  It’s maybe more of an “our ten steps” but I’m in the driver seat so I get naming rights. You probably also didn’t see it coming that this post is just a primer and it’s Friday and you shouldn’t be working this hard.

Moving on….I’d love for IT people to get through this series feeling empowered with an approach to digging in to the migration to BI4.  I’d love for key business users to follow along, understand what is at stake in a BI4 migration, and see the opportunity to back their IT organizations. Let’s be frank. We’ve already established a few reasons to get to BI4. This upgrade is going to take partnership and collaboration between the business and IT. What I’d REALLY love is for an IT guy and a business-y guy to walk into a bar or favorite coffee shop, read along and back each other up in the plan to move to BI4.

That is all I am going to say on it today. Tune in on Monday for #10, Get all the Key IT Players to the Table.

10. Get all the key IT players to the table

9. Get business buy-in

8. For SAP BW shops – Update SAP BW in a world before BW 7.01 SPS 08

7. Clean house

6. Do a proper sizing exercise/Plan to scale

5. Die Deski

4. Define your migration path

3. Get educational collateral ready

2. Know your universe

…and the last step to get to BI4 is (in my best David Letterman voice)…

#1 Test, test, and more test.

Happy Friday.

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