Make Live Office Docs for Xcelsius Invisible

A common problem when working with SAP BusinessObjects Live Office documents inside of an Xcelsius dashboard is that users still need access to those Live Office docs. This can be confusing when a user is navigating the folder structure within InfoView (or the BI Launch Pad) and sees a folder full of what are likely unformatted reports.

There is a simple solution. At the report object level in the Central Management Console (CMC), set the rights on the report to “View on Demand”. At the parent folder level (the container for those report objects), set the group permissions for your users to “No Access”. The net effect is that while they can’t see the folder or browse to it within InfoView, the content will still be accessible within the dashboard connection.

Update: I should also note that while View on Demand rights work if the user actually needs to refresh, View rights are all that is required if the Live Office documents are scheduled in advance and the connection is set to use the latest instance of the document.

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