SAP Analytics Tools Running Out of Mainstream Support in 2018

Some key support dates are coming up for customers of the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform. Support dates for all SAP products can be found in the on-line product availability matrix.

SAP Lumira 1.x end of mainstream maintenance is August 30, 2018

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis 2.4, edition for Microsoft Office end of mainstream maintenance is November 30, 2018

SAP Design Studio 1.6 end of mainstream maintenance is December 28, 2018

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.1 end of mainstream maintenance is December 31, 2018

SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 end of Priority One support is December 31, 2018

While most of these products will be covered by Priority One support for a few more years, they’ll no longer receive patch support. Lack of patch support could lead to issues as new browser and database versions come to market.

In addition to version, be sure to check the support pack that you’re currently running. Just because software such as SAP HANA, SAP BW or SAP Data Services is still under mainstream maintenance, SAP may no longer be issuing patches for your support pack level. And if your software is a few years old, it will be missing features now available in more recent versions.

As 2018 comes to a close, spend some time with SAP’s product availability matrix (and similar tools from your operating system and database vendors) as part of your annual planning and budgeting process.


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