Love Lumira? It’s time to love the Information Design Tool.

Yesterday, SAP released a new YouTube video demonstrating how to acquire a data set into SAP BusinessObjects Lumira from a universe. The short five-minute tutorial demonstrates how to use both the Universe Connector and the optional Universe Query Panel Extension (QPE).


The Universe Connector supports both legacy UNV universes as well as UNX universes; however, the query functionality from this method is quite limited (see my related blog, Squeezing the Entire Universe Into SAP Lumira). In addition, the Universe Connector will not deliver the same level of performance capable from the new Universe Query Panel Extension.

Given that newer SAP analytics tools such as Lumira, Design Studio, Crystal Reports for Enterprise and even SAP Analytics Cloud all prefer the UNX universe, 2017 is the right time stop worrying and love the Information Design Tool.

Need help getting started? Check out our series, The Fate of the Universe Depends on You for more insight to leading the conversion effort in your own organization. Or drop us a note and we can have a conversation about your organization’s 2017 analytics goals.



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