I Love Lumira (and You Should, Too)!

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Bonnie Brown and I had great fun creating this month’s webinar series, I Love Lumira (and You Should, Too)! In three parts, we presented the business value of SAP Lumira for the BI Competency Center manager or executive sponsor, did a deep dive on the product for business analysts, and concluded by helping BI administrators understand how to plan, execute and monitor an update to their BI platform. If you missed the webinars, you can catch the recordings. We’ve also captured the Q&A sessions from those webinars in a separate article.

There are three things that all organizations need before they can get started on their Lumira journey, so let’s recap.

SAP Business Intelligence Suite Licensing

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The first thing organizations need is a suite license for the BI platform, as Lumira isn’t available via older component licensing. By licensing the suite, you’ll not only gain access to Lumira but other features that you may not currently be licensed for like dashboards and mobile business intelligence. You’ll also be free from the restrictions of hardware licensing, as the BI suite is licensed in blocks of named user and concurrent user licenses. If you’re still on component-based or CPU-based licensing, give us a call. Through a painless assessment with our Sherlock® technology, we can help you determine just the right amount of concurrent user licenses. Plus, we’ll help you avoid any unpleasant arm wrestling with your SAP account executive.

64-bit Desktop Operating System

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The second thing you’ll need to get started on your Lumira journey is a 64-bit desktop operating system. The latest versions of SAP Lumira run on 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and even Windows 10, but the powerful in-memory database engine won’t run on a 32-bit operating system. Your organization’s “standard desktop image” may be 32-bit even though your standard desktop has a 64-bit processor inside. Work with your IT organization to make sure that fully 64-bit desktops with adequate RAM can be deployed to both Lumira users and the BICC team that supports them.

More Hardware

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The third thing you’ll need is additional hardware. On the server side, the Lumira in-memory engine runs best on a dedicated server with adequate CPU and RAM. While you can squeeze the Lumira in-memory engine onto a single-node sandbox for evaluation, you’ll want additional hardware for all the environments in your BI lifecycle. Sizing is both an art and science and we’re glad to help your organization make sure that Lumira and the rest of your current landscape is sized and tuned to meet your BI objectives.

  • SAP KB 2268264 Error: You do not have a valid license to use SAP Lumira server for BI Platform. VIS 00074 and HDB 05416
  • SAP KB 2280573 – Error VIS 00074. You do not have a valid license to use SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform. Contact your administrator. (HDB 05416)

We’ve demonstrated that with proper sizing SAP Lumira can fly, and with careful attention, you can build beautiful data visualizations on SAP Lumira. Do you need a little help pushing your users over the edge to take advantage of SAP Lumira, both on and off SAP HANA? Let us know. We’ve got you covered.

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