I Love Lumira, a Developer’s View

Thank you to everyone who attended my I Love Lumira webinar, Lumira for the Business Analyst.

As a follow up, I thought I would talk about the top 3 reasons why you should love Lumira if you are a BI developer.

Before we get too far into my reasons you should love Lumira, I just want to be clear about who this blog is intended for.

If you answer yes to an of the following questions it’s for you:

  • I’m a BI Developer (easy one)
  • I’m a Manager of BI Developers
  • You love Lumira already and are just curious
  • You’ve never heard of Lumira and are concerned about side-effects

Essentially it’s for everyone but specifically it’s about why BI Developers should be excited about Lumira coming into their organization.

Reason 1: It’s quick & pretty easy

You can create a beautiful visualization in just a few mins with Lumira (big assumption you have your data available). It handles big data volumes, data translation and mash up with really easy wizards. Creating visualizations and composing stories is really easy when you get the hang of it. It’s a key part to self-service BI. My rule of thumb is if you can use Excel and Powerpoint, you can use Lumira.

Reason 2: It’s pretty

Lumira’s big benefit for developers is it allows you to develop pretty visuals fast. Don’t get fooled by the limited formatting options in the Visualize room, there are plenty more options in Compose. Also you can layer visuals, texts, images and pictograms to create the best visually pleasing story for your data. Every version of Lumira is improving on the options of the visual aspects including conditional formatting and more color control.

Reason 3: It’s technically an analyst tool, too

Ok let me explain.  The beauty in Lumira is that it’s an analyst tool not just a developer tool so technically a developer isn’t necessarily an IT Developer. That means you can allow users to do what they need visually with trusted data (provided by IT view universes, HANA, Freehand SQL, etc.) or their own data sources (Excel) with little support from IT. This changes slightly if you are publishing to BI Platform as IT will need to provide support for infrastructure, security, etc.  Scary proposition I know, but it’s also a great opportunity to give your users the freedom they need to do their jobs while still operating within your Enterprise BI Platform.  Also it’s freeing you up to work on more technically challenging projects like Design Studio!  Seems like a win-win to me.

Look forward to any comments or discussion.

Happy Developing!

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