How to Disable the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer iOS Password

Each time a user launches SAP BusinessObjects Explorer for iOS, they are prompted for an application password, as shown in this screen shot from Explorer for iOS 4.1.5 running on an iPhone 5.

Explorer Application Password Prompt

Although a BI 4.0 administrator can disable the password requirement for SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI for iOS from the business intelligence platform, there is presently no equivalent control for Explorer for iOS. However, it is possible to instruct the app to enable or disable the password requirement using special bookmarks opened from the Safari iOS browser.

To disable the password, click on sboexplorer://settings?use_password=0.  When the Explorer app launches, you’ll be asked to enter your password one more time.

To enable the password, click on sboexplorer://settings?use_password=1. When the Explorer app launches, you’ll be asked to enter (twice) a new application password.

These instructions do not currently appear in the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer for iPhone/iPad User Guide 4.1.5  or What’s New guide but are documented in SAP Support Notes 1759354 and 1759809. If you are going to disable the application-level password, it is strongly encouraged that you set a device-level password on your iPhone or iPad to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive corporate data.

2 thoughts on “How to Disable the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer iOS Password

  1. I came across your post, and it sounds exactly like what I am trying to do on our explorer app. We are currently using version 4.1.11 and I was wondering if this was still the best way to disable the application password? I’ve tried, but I’m running into a problem with the app continuing to wipe my connection every time the app closes. Any advice?



    1. Derek,

      Unfortunately, my latest customer is using BI 4.1 SP2 and therefore the Explorer functionality from the Mobile BI app. The Explorer iOS app is effectively “legacy” and therefore I doubt that the app password mechanism has been improved. If you’re on the BI 4 platform, you might want to patch up to BI4 SP8 or BI 4.1 and switch over to the Mobile BI app as well. I’d encourage you to open a case with SAP Support.

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