Sherlock® Mobile from EVtechnologies is a application designed to help busy administrators with easily supporting their SAP BusinessObjects deployments. If you want to learn more about the Sherlock® Mobile application, please check out our product page. From here, you can access product documentation and read through frequently asked questions about Sherlock® Mobile. As always, if you need anything that you cannot find here, check out the forums.

Sherlock® Mobile User Guide

Download the Sherlock® Mobile User Guide (requires Adobe Reader and EVtechnologies support portal access).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a demo server available for testing Sherlock® Mobile functionality? Yes. Sherlock® Mobile for both iPad and iPhone comes pre-installed with a connection our demo server. You can use this “Demo Server” connection to play around with the features available in Sherlock® Mobile.

Does Sherlock® Mobile support https? Yes. When entering the host name for your server, you can use SSL protected URLs via the https:// protocol.