Happy 5th Birthday EVT

I’m feeling all nostalgic today.  I’m not sure if you can call today EVT’s birthday or the date of conception.  Either way, it’s a great day.  Five years ago today, I pitched an idea to a pal that would turn into our leap into the entrepreneurial world.   Over a few adult beverages and a white board, Sherlock® gave me the initial push to quit my day job and give this a go.

Fast forward five years and we’ve helped customers globally with both Sherlock® on premise as well as countless engagements to leverage Sherlock® as a Service to identify/solve problems in SAP BusinessObjects landscapes and help them successfully migrate to the latest in the SAP BusinessObjects platform.  We are even doing cool stuff to help customers identify complexities in BI that can be pushed down to SAP HANA to improve reporting performance.  Who doesn’t want their BI to run a little faster nowadays?

I’d be a terrible human being if I made this all about a product and services plug.  I have also managed to recruit/hijack/sucker so many of my great friends in the SAP BI community to join me on this mission.  What turned out to literally be the smartest group of people I know, is actually an amazing group of people to work with too.  They mentor, they write books on the subject, they blog freely for the community, they podcast, and more I am sure.  They make this the best job ever.  I’m thankful for that.

I’m genuinely looking forward to what the next five have in store for us.

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