Happy 10th Birthday, EV Technologies

This month marks the 10th anniversary of EV Technologies. To this day, when people ask me “how?”, I simply reply that I’m the guy that was just lucky enough to figure out how start a company with some pals and make it.

That road has been interesting. I’ve been super reflective and was recently reminded of this post I wrote almost 7 years ago on the SCN: Why I am still an SAP Type.

As I pause and reflect on that midpoint, as well as where I am today, I am humbled at how much has happened on my journey. That’s countless friends, colleagues, customers, speaking engagements, blogs, tweets, and conferences. I’ve gotten to work with startups and innovators as well as behemoth customers. We’ve taken on new partnerships, evolved our identity, expanded our capabilities, invested in new technologies, and done our best to help those in need along the way.

As a nerd, I’m still excited by all this stuff. If you asked me what excites me the most today, at the start of 2019, I’d probably have to say the nearly endless possibilities and combinations of things I can do with modern cloud architectures. Today, my team and I are thinking about next generation solutions to solve today’s health care challenges. We are building cloud-native applications for awesome startups in the field of genomics. We are designing full-scale infrastructure moves to the cloud for on premise data and analytics footprints. We’re being thoughtful about squeezing every dollar of value out of those new and rich environments for the betterment of our customer’s strategies and in cost effective ways. Those are just the highlights. I know I said it above…before…in my post in 2012..but TODAY is my new favorite time to be a nerd.

Nothing lasts forever. But living in this moment, the one right here, surrounded by great friends and customers, is the best job I’ve ever had. Cheers to you in the fresh start of this year, 2019, and to a run at another 10 years. I’m looking forward to the new friends, the new colleagues, and the new customers that I’m going to cross paths with next.


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