Goodbye SAP TechEd 2015. Hello SAP Insider 2015.

The dust has barely settled on SAP TechEd 2015 in Las Vegas and we’re planning our next stop (back in Las Vegas) for SAP Insider Reporting and Analytics 2015. If you have been living under a rock lately, you’ve missed what has arguably been the largest focus on analytics in the SAP ecosystem at any SAP conference in what feels like ages. The new SAP Cloud for Analytics offering, formerly known as “Orca” (seriously, why couldn’t it have been Orca?), was unveiled as the underpinnings of SAP’s future cloud strategy. This long rumored platform, based on SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform, creates a cloud solution for analytics with promised access back to customer on premise data. On top of that, updates to the roadmap for SAP Lumira, SAP Design Studio, and SAP BusinessObjects BI4.2 were provided.

Will this Change the Game?

Customers have had ample opportunities to deploy SAP BusinessObjects solutions to the cloud, whether on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc. Each presented opportunities for customers to bring their own licenses and presumably, either outsourced management of their cloud landscapes or reskilled internal resources to build hybrid landscapes on prem and in the cloud. We have also seen oldies but goodies fly by like BI OnDemand and now the recently announced end of life for SAP Lumira Cloud, bidding farewell to Software as a Service (SaaS) options from SAP. SAP Cloud for Analytics is an intriguing new iteration in the life of SAP’s SaaS product line.

Traditional challenges to cloud architectures are still going to be in play. Debunking the myths of cloud landscapes can be a full time job. However, SAP takes a big leap forward in presenting an option for customers to leave their data behind. Will that dispel some of those myths or make the hold outs feel “ok” for the views of their data being presented via the cloud vs. moving all their data to the cloud? Time is going to tell. SAP needs to take a firm stance in advocating security and speed in this new landscape so concerns can be curbed early.

On Premise Goodness

SAP BusinessObjects isn’t going away. It’s going to continue to dominate the on prem analytics offering for quite some time. SAP is showing incremental but promising innovations  on the path to enhancing the stalwart BI platform and larger leaps into the roadmap for SAP Lumira and SAP Design Studio, bringing the vision for convergence and content sharing between the tools into reality. Customers shouldn’t discount their investments from 10 years ago or the ones they might make in the coming years on this platform. It’s not dead. I don’t believe it’s dying.  If you doubt it, let’s sit down and talk about it at SAP Insider 2015 in Las Vegas.

As we look forward to the upcoming SAP Insider 2015 Reporting and Analytics conference, there are great opportunities for customers to interact with SAP to get answers to the hard questions and concerns. That’s what they are there for.

Ahmed Sherif and I will be in Las Vegas for the show November 17-19. Ahmed already wrote a bit about his presentations and I’m stoked to see that he’s on the agenda again this year. He always brings great content to the table.

I hope to see you there.

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