SAP HANA Customer Spotlight: Harris Logic Reduces Healthcare Costs with Predictive Analytics


According to International Data Corp. (IDC), healthcare spend on analytics will increase an estimated 8% to 11% this year. Find out how your organization can spend that investment wisely.

As part of the SAP HANA Customer Spotlight series, Harris Logic, an EVT customer and leader in technological solutions for healthcare clinical operations and delivery system integration, shared how it leveraged the SAP HANA platform to better serve patients.

  • Learn how Harris Logic created an analytic application on the SAP HANA platform to assist clinicians in making real-time decisions on patient care
  • Hear how this analytic application enables clinicians to better serve their client population
  • Discover how Harris Logic not only leverages SAP HANA as a database, but also its in memory application server, predictive engine, and more


  • Hudson Harris, Chief Privacy Officer – Harris Logic
  • Eric Vallo, CEO and Chief Architect – EV Technologies


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