EV Technologies to Speak at Auckland New Zealand BI SIG

As a South African and a rugby fan, New Zealand has always had a special place in my heart. Waking up early in the morning to watch South Africa take on New Zealand in test matches was part of my DNA growing up. Friends of mine who have been there fondly recall back deep debates/conversations about who the greatest rugby nation in the world is.

In just over two weeks time myself and Eric are going to be in Auckland for the week and un-like how I had always imagined my first trip there it is going to be for work and not to watch rugby.

This trip is as I am sure you picked up by now going to be my first to New Zealand and I am really excited by it. Eric and I are going to spend Monday through Thursday visiting local customers and spending some time with REALTECH who we have just partnered with (see related article, REALTECH and EV Technologies Partner to Optimise SAP BusinessObjects). On Friday, our good friend and fellow SAP Mentor Corey Adams has put together a great local SIG event and both Eric and I are speaking. Our topics are as follows:

Setup and use Near Line Storage (NLS) + Smart Data Access (SDA) – SAP Mentor Clint Vosloo

This session provides an independent expert’s recommendations for leveraging database and technology functionality from SAP to ensure that clean, timely data is feeding your reports and analyses.

This demo-intensive session offers:

  • A deep dive into the capabilities of SAP HANA, SAP Sybase IQ, and SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, and examine strengths and tradeoffs based on results of multiple POC projects
  • Instructions and a live demo on how to use NLS (near-line storage) in your SAP BW environment by archiving rarely accessed read only data into SAP Sybase IQ and keeping the hot data in SAP HANA
  • A live demo showing how new data federation capabilities between SAP HANA, SAP Sybase IQ and Hadoop available with SAP HANA SP7 enable dynamic data queries across heterogeneous relational and non-relational database systems

BI 4.1 and Beyond – SAP Mentor Eric Vallo

Whether you have made your move to SAP BusinessObjects BI4.0, BI4.1, are just getting started, or planning the big move, this discussion is intended to provide a broad point of view across customer migrations ranging from a few hundred users in size to 30,000+ user bases. In it, we’ll discuss the state of the platform, the evolution of the tools in the SAP BI portfolio, and forward thinking perspectives on the stated direction of SAP BI.

If you are in Auckland then please do come along and attend ! You can register here.

On a personal note I am really looking forward to spending some time catching up with Eric. Since we have last seen each other in person we have both moved house, I have emigrated and well life has just been crazy so it is going to be great spending some time together. And who knows… we may even get to watch a game of rugby some where as well …

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