SAP Insider Reporting & Analytics 2016 – Design Studio: An Xcelsius Developer’s Guide

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Hello everyone!

I’m currently in Florida for the SAP Insider Reporting & Analytics 2016 conference. Whether or not you had the opportunity to attend my presentation, I thought I would post my slides as well as the supplemental sample code and demo materials here. Any changes to the slides or sample code will be updated here.

For the uninitiated, here’s a quick summary of my presentation:

Switching from Xcelsius to SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio can be a daunting task — the layout is different, Excel is out the window, and now you have to program. Attend this session to gain new skills and tips to help with the transition, and find out how you can optimize your dashboards in SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio. Learn how to:

  • Navigate the graphical user interface (GUI), and understand how this new GUI compares to the old Xcelsius interface
  • Create interactive dashboard elements using the BI Action Language and content assistance
  • Use array and script functions to supercharge your scripts and do more with less
  • Utilize Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to create beautiful custom dashboards

Take home sample code used in the presentation to get started at home.

If you want a copy of the slides from the presentation, you can download them here: PPT Slides – Design Studio: An Xcelsius Developer’s Guide

Whether you want to follow along during the presentation, check your code, or replicate the demo, you can see the demo and it’s sample code here: Design Studio Sample Code.

Our simple dashboard demo will cover creating analytic components, filtering using dropdown boxes, dynamic visibility, arrays, and script functions.

Simple Design Studio Dashboard

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