BOBJ for BW: [Video] Connect SAP Lumira to your BW Data

As of SAP Lumira SP12, users now have the added ability to connect their SAP Netweaver BW data to Lumira. However, a quick glance at the available connections for SAP Lumira  and you will not find a connection called “Business Warehouse”.

BW for BOBJ #3

One way around that would be to get your BW data onto HANA.  If that’s not an option then you’ll want to get your BW data into a universe.  As of SAP Lumira 1.12, Lumira can connect to SAP Netweaver BW through a (.UNX) universe created with the Information Design Tool. Creating a BW Relational universe through a java connection (SAP JCO) allows for BusinessObjects client tools to access BW tables like other tables in a relational model.  The added benefit is that you’re still using the same structure created by the BW developer without having to recreate it outside of BW.

The following video below takes you through the process of creating a BW relational universe with the Information Design Tool and then connecting SAP Lumira to that same universe.


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