BI4 Launch Pad Default Preferences

BI4 has given administrators something they have been asking for for years: the ability to set the Default User Preferences.

Unfortunately its not the complete list of all the user preferences, but it is a good start including some of the major pain points administrators have to deal with:

  • Start page customizations
  • Columns displayed in Documents tab
  • Document viewing location
  • Maximum Number of rows to display (Yeah)

The defaults are by user group instead of global, I was not sure I would like this at first, but have decided I do.

First lets see what you get by default with BI4

It’s the BI launch pad. I personally like it, but a lot of people prefer the traditional Favorites or Public Folders (click the image for a larger view).


So lets go into the Central Management Console (CMC) and select the user group we want to modify the default preferences for.


Right click on the selected group and select BI launch pad Preferences


Initially, no preferences are defined, but modifying them is not dissimilar from the user setting their own preferences.


We will change the default start page to be Public Folders for the selected group.


You can also play with the other default options based on a limited sub-set of the user preferences.


After we save the changes lets try it out by logging back in with a user account.


I think this is a great start to enabling the kinds of customization administrators have been requesting for years.

Good job SAP BusinessObjects I look forward to seeing this funcionality expanded in future releases.

7 thoughts on “BI4 Launch Pad Default Preferences

  1. But the above doesnt work with 4.1 SP2 FP3. I do NOT get the option when i right click on the group. This is intensely frustrating as i have it turned on in the CAL.


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