AWS Summit 2018 in Chicago Recap

This past week, I had the opportunity to attend my first AWS Summit in Chicago. Having been a part of BusinessObjects/SAP conferences for the last two decades, this was an interesting experience that I think was worth talking about.

The subject of the speaking slot I was a part of had two purposes: 1) to discuss how to approach taking SAP workloads to AWS and 2) a case study that we’ve talked about here in our SAP Innovation Award winning customer, HarrisLogic, and their journey to AWS. It drew a great crowd and some were quite eager to discuss the decision making processes here.

Here a few takeaways from last week’s AWS Summit in Chicago:

  • I didn’t meet anybody mad at AWS for stating what they were doing with their products. Weird. #sarcasm
  • 4,000 people descended on a free event with the caliber of a paid-for event for just one day. You don’t have to charge a bajillion dollar per ticket for an event to be in demand or to have value to customers, it would seem.
  • Customers are eager to adopt AWS services for their enterprise but often migrate as a hybrid cloud/migration just for the sake of getting there. Then, they innovate. The net new tech story isn’t the only reason to start looking towards the cloud.
  • The AWS options to power SAP HANA and SAP Analytics workloads are ever changing and growing more robust with every release. Choices range from typical EC2 instances to the newest in bare metal configurations and in the X1 instance types.
  • Especially for SAP HANA customers, memory footprints in these boxes are on the throws of traversing towards 6, 9, and soon, 12 TB of memory per instance.
  • Events occurring at the same time as Lolapalooza make for interesting crowds. Good times. I’ll save the pics for another blog post.

There are a few AWS Summits remaining this year. Don’t pass up a chance to see one in your neighborhood if the opportunity presents itself.

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