ASUG Pacific Northwest Fall Chapter Meeting 2015

On November 10, 2015, I’ll be speaking at the ASUG Pacific Northwest Fall Chapter Meeting in Seattle, Washington. I’ll be sharing details about SAP Lumira and SAP Cloud for Analytics including new developments that I learned at the recent SAP TechEd in Las Vegas.

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SAP Lumira Fits in Your Landscape
In this session tailored for BICC Managers and BI Managers, I’ll explain Lumira’s unique capabilities and how it complements other tools in your BI portfolio like Crystal Reports and Web Intelligence. With SAP Lumira, you can bring Trusted Data Discovery and Agile Data Visualization capabilities to your data-hungry power users, using a solution built on the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform that you know and love. SAP Lumira can fully access your investments in BusinessObjects universes. Content authored from the SAP Lumira desktop can be published to the BI platform where it can be viewed, edited, and refreshed, as well as scheduled. All this is possible using the built-in in-memory data engine in SAP Lumira, without requiring SAP HANA.

Cloudy with a Chance of Analytics
The Cloud is pervasive. It’s used by devices and apps we use every day. Mainstream analytics solutions are a slow starter to take on a persona in the Cloud, but recent innovations there, and new security certifications, make the Cloud an attractive environment to foster SAP Analytics solutions. I’ll discuss  the capabilities of the Cloud, the challenges in information security, and flexible architectures from cloud hosting services like Amazon AWS that can scale to any high demand SAP Analytics solution’s needs. I’ll also share the latest news about SAP Cloud for Analytics, which was announced at the recent SAP TechEd in Las Vegas.

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