SAP HANA is an industry-leading platform that is the foundation for the SAP business software that powers your business. Sherlock® for SAP HANA from EV Technologies was designed to give you both historical and predicative insight into the usage of your SAP HANA assets.

Built for SAP HANA. Built with SAP HANA.

Sherlock® for SAP HANA runs natively on your SAP HANA server. It’s two engines, the Sherlock® for SAP HANA metadata inspector and Sherlock® for SAP HANA system metrics, continuously monitor SAP HANA and store their metrics in an SAP HANA database. Insight is delivered from your SAP BusinessObjects landscape. Sherlock® for SAP HANA comes with a set of pre-built content that you can extend using the provided Sherlock® for SAP HANA universe. Additional insights may be unlocked using familiar tools like SAP Lumira, SAP Design Studio, SAP Web Intelligence, SAP Crystal Reports, and even SAP Analytics Cloud.

Sherlock® for SAP HANA Simplified Architecture

Using Sherlock® for SAP HANA, IT organizations can:

  • monitor CPU and memory utilization
  • estimate using predictive analytics when current environment will be outgrown
  • monitor top users and applications by activity and database volume
  • identify candidate users or database schemas that should be archived to make room for higher-priority activities
  • target problematic processes for improvement

Sherlock® for SAP HANA from EV Technologies is an integral part of the strategy of organizations using EV Technologies’ managed services. Contact us today to learn how customers are using Sherlock® for SAP HANA to maximize their investment in SAP HANA.