Customers that are both embarking on new cloud journeys or expanding an existing footprint with data and analytics find that deployments on AWS EC2 Windows and Linux to deliver ultimate scalability, strong resiliency, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). EV Technologies partners with Amazon Web Services to help Data and Analytics customers globally deploy their off-the-shelf analytics platforms, data warehouses, data marts, and data lakes on AWS EC2.

How Do We Get There?

EV Technologies certified experts think through the entirety of your architecture, including on premise and cloud assets. Our engagements often include:

  • Assessments and roadmaps for new and existing customers
  • Size thoughtfully, leaving behind the “size to peak” strategies of olden days
  • Deployment of new infrastructure on AWS EC2
  • Migration of on premise data and analytics solutions into AWS EC2, RDS, and other
  • Implement backup/recovery strategies as well as high availability/disaster recovery strategies with cloud-native capabilities
  • Plan for effective SysOps and DevOps partnerships in the cloud

Case Studies

HarrisLogic needed more scalable and cost effective way to host development and demo environments and also needed a strategy for taking their commercial Intellectual Property to market. EV Technologies helped HarrisLogic to migrate the entirety of their SAP BusinessObjects, SAP HANA, and Java/Grails environments to AWS leveraging AWS EC2 and more. Learn how.

A Sales and Marketing services company migrated their SAP BusinessObjects, Microsoft SQL Server, and other application servers to AWS EC2 to begin their cloud journey and lower their TCO. Case study coming soon.