Stick out your tongue and say “ahhh”.

You keep your body healthy with routine visits to your physician. You keep your business intelligence landscape healthy with routine health checks. Just as a good physician augments a hands-on physical examination with the use of sophisticated medical instruments, we augment our health checks with a special low-impact edition of our Sherlock® inspector suite.

BI Health Check components


Content Inspection

We begin your health check with a content inspection using a specialized edition of our SAP-certified Sherlock® inspector suite. For light inspections, we’ll inspect your CMS system and audit databases. Or for a more thorough exam, we’ll carefully probe each object stored in your file repositories.

BI Health Check Sherlock®

Sizing Estimate

EV Technologies Sizing Estimator (full size)

Is your landscape improperly sized? Instead of trusting a physician’s gut feel, we’ll trust data, plugging key metrics into our SAP BI4 Sizing Estimator. We will then compare your current landscape to the estimate, using plain-spoken language that’s easy to understand.

Revised System Architecture

2-day assessment SAP BusinessObjects architecture diagram

In some cases, BI landscapes are sized too small. In others, there is abundant hardware that’s just not configured for optimal performance. Our analysis addresses both scenarios, providing a revised system architecture to properly deploy existing assets including additional hardware specifications, if identified, that may be required to meet your current BI challenges.

System Benchmark Comparison

We provide a system benchmark comparison, showing you how your landscape performs compared to other customer landscapes that we inspect.

Skills Gap Analysis

EVT Health Check Skill Assessment

Finally, we’ll assess the collective skills of your BI competency center, identify risks and gaps, and offer a customized training plan aimed at raising the proficiency of your team.


At the conclusion of our health check, we’ll provide you with thorough analysis. We’ll group action items into three categories: items that can be changed immediately without downtime, items that can be changed quickly with small intervals of planned downtime, and items that require additional cost or discussion before they can be implemented. We’ll provided enough technical detail to satisfy the nerdiest engineers on the team yet summarized so that clearly understood action plans can be taken to senior management for approval.

Optimize your BI Platform Today!

A Business Intelligence Health Check is a cost-effective way to independently assess that your BI competency center and its equipment are working at optimal efficiency. Ready for better business intelligence? Let’s talk.