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Our experienced team has designed and implemented landscapes for 25-user departmental deployments all the way up to 60,000-user global deployments. For many of our customers, we manage those systems, too. Whether you already have a seasoned team of system administrators to support your landscape or have none at all, our Virtual Platform Management (VPM) and Technical Account Management (TAM) solutions ensure that seasoned resources are supporting your users, addressing issues, and planning for growth.



Our experienced team has designed and implemented landscapes for small SAP BusinessObjects Edge deployments all the way up to 60,000-user deployments.


EV Technologies has been at the forefront of SAP BusinessObjects migrations for several years now. From being frequent bloggers, to SAP Press Authors, to completing these migrations for customers worldwide, our experienced team and SAP-certified technology create proven results. The outcomes have immense value. Armed with data about your landscape and requirements gathered during this process, we are able to provide the needed design, planning, and test strategy to effectively move your landscape to the latest edition of the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform.

Learn more about our exclusive SAP BI 4 Sizing Estimator, just one of many tools that we bring to a BI migration, upgrade or health check project.


We begin all projects by inspecting your environment with a lightweight edition of our Sherlock® Inspector Suite that we call Sherlock®-as-a-Service. In just a few hours, we inspect your landscapes without performance disruption and transfer securely encrypted data files to our data center for analysis. Our architects – and yours – are then empowered by facts, not guesses, about your SAP BI landscapes. Customers rely on EV Technologies health checks to guide BI strategy when:

  • You feel lost without an analytics architect to help navigate through the complexities of SAP software and often need a trusted advisor to help navigate the right tool, environment needs, or tech situation.
  • You need an outsider’s perspective to look at the entire landscape from the database to the ETL layer and the data visualization tier.
  • You’re being challenged by senior management to justify the value of their investment in analytics.

Learn more about how BI Health Check can be a cost-effective next step on the road to increasing your organization’s BI maturity.


Customers turn to EV Technologies to remedy unstable business intelligence landscapes when:

  • Users complain of slow response or frequent system outages.
  • System security is either too restrictive or almost non-existent and efforts to change it do more harm than good.
  • Your BI landscape just isn’t meeting your organization’s workload requirements.