If you can dream it, we can build it

Analytics are all around us. We see them in our search engines, in our stock analysis, in our weather apps. Innovations on SAP HANA create new opportunities for large enterprises and startups alike to build amazing analytic applications that power their business and communities.


Customer investments in SAP HANA easily demonstrate return on investment by simply accelerating data. But customers find themselves asking “what’s next?” SAP HANA provides a platform in which customers can bring their innovations in analytic apps to their end customers. Customers are rethinking their internally and externally facing apps leveraging:

  • SAP UI5
  • SAP Fiori
  • Other open frameworks
  • Side car .NET or JAVA applications


Successful analytic applications should be usable and should efficiently deliver to your users the metrics that are the most important to them. This requires a deep understanding of your users’ goals, needs, and expectations.

EV Technologies partners with customers to create custom and highly intuitive analytic app user experiences. Our solutions put your users first, leverage best practices to simplify and enrich your data, and are optimized for modern browsers and devices.


Every customer needs a magic 8 ball. Customers engage EV Technologies to:

  • Identify the historical indicators that are a predictor of future risks and opportunities using SAP Predictive Analysis.
  • Integrate predictive modeling into their analytics processes within their SAP HANA investments.
  • Drive new and existing business processes that can leverage predictive analytics in real time in their enterprise.