2013 NKU Business Intelligence Summit for Higher Education

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Northern Kentucky University is hosting its fourth annual Business Intelligence Summit for higher education on October 1-2, 2013 at the NKU METS Center in Erlanger, Kentucky near Cincinnati. Higher education institutions and organizations that have an interest in the development and use of Business Intelligence/analytics should attend. The event will be valuable to organizations using, implementing or considering data analytic tools and decision support systems. Over 160 ERP and BI professionals attended the past BI Summits, representing more than 35 institutions.

EV Technologies is pleased to be an official sponsor of this year’s Business Intelligence Summit. Eric Vallo and Dallas Marks will be presenting breakout sessions. We’ll also demonstrate solutions like our Sherlock® inspector suite, Sherlock® System Metrics, and Sherlock® Mobile in the sponsor showcase.

Analytic Storytelling
Dallas Marks

There’s a story in your institutional data, but sometimes it needs an analytic storyteller to bring that story to life. Modern BI tools have lots of chart types, but are all of them useful when telling your story? In this session we’ll discuss best practices for the display of quantitative information for desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Examples will be shown using SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.1, but the conversation will be tool agnostic and beneficial regardless of the analytic tools used by your institution.

SAP Lumira for N00bs
Eric Vallo

Proliferation of the idea of the Network of Truth is spreading fast.  While a concept, not a technology, SAP is working hard to position SAP Lumira as the underpinnings of this philosophy, deviating from the Single Version of the Truth.  In this session, we’ll revisit some key concepts and why it is relevant to all industries push for user adoption, and we’ll review some demonstrations of the capabilities in SAP Lumira.

The Shift to the Network of Truth
A Diversified Semantic Layer Panel Discussion with Eric Vallo, Dallas Marks, and special guests

Recent technologies business intelligence industry have created a shift away from the long held concept of the single version of the truth towards the network of truth. BI customers from the last 20 or so years have the perspective that the universe is the driver towards the single version of the truth. The Diversified Semantic Layer crew revisit this topic (listen to their June 2013 podcast, The Network of Truthi-ness) and hopefully spark some lively discussion around this perceived paradigm change.

  • What is the Network of Truth­ anyway?
  • How does the Network of Truth change our way of thinking?
  • Can the Network of Truth and Single Version of the Truth co­exist?

Learn more about the 2013 NKU Business Intelligence Summit for Higher Education on the NKU website.

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