Sherlock® tells stories about your investment in SAP BusinessObjects. It tells stories in ways that helps everyone make better decisions on how to manage and invest in SAP BusinessObjects. Let’s start out by looking at a few of those personas and how they can benefit from Sherlock®’s insights.

BI Manager

The buck often stops here when it comes to accountability for the SAP BusinessObjects platform. The individual that may ultimately control the finances for the platform, the people, the way people use it, and the future expansion, must have a comprehensive approach to understanding usage of SAP BusinessObjects.  Sherlock® allows BI Managers to…

  • Define effective chargeback models for applications in a decentralized environment
  • Understand utilization, or the lack thereof, providing opportunities to define a better approach to user adoption
  • Better understand system capacity and know when to work with the team to correctly expand your BI footprint

Competency Center

The BI Competency Center, or an organization of similar structure and purpose, is continually tasked with prioritizing the work to be accomplished by your ETL, data modeling, and BI teams and surrounding analyst community. Whether they function in a symbiotic manner or as separate silos, someone is building content somewhere.  Sherlock® allows Competency Centers to…

  • Drive true, fact based decisions on the value of BI within the organization based upon the use of content at a report, universe, database, table, or even down to a column level
  • Identify reports with significant overlap, big or small, and use this data automatically to identify candidates for enterprise reporting and singular versions of the truth
  • Identify and engage with the organization’s true power users and gain insights to the true value that they provide to the 80% of the user base that are likely simple report consumers


The administrator gets to have the most fun of all. The administrator is tasked with not only keeping an environment alive during the hardest of times, but the administrator must also be able to deliver outstanding customer service to users AND developers when they do really bad stuff to the SAP BusinessObjects environment.  Sherlock® allows administrators to…

  • Observe and better enforce application controls on reports, universes, security, and more
  • Identify abuses or misuses of the system and address them before they become consistently problematic
  • Seek out anomalous behaviors that can lead to future instabilities and remediate them
  • Follow typical patterns administrators should follow to maximize the organization’s investment in SAP BusinessObjects


The developer, the master of the suite of development tools, is the only one that knows what is on the surface of the data visualization layer of SAP BusinessObjects. The great news is, Sherlock® can reveal much more to the developer to improve work flows within the platform..  Sherlock® allows developers to…

  • Identify risks to visualizations based upon changes to the data model and let each specific report owner know
  • Self-document reports or universes across any SAP BusinessObjects system within your organization
  • Compare universes or reports within an environment, or even externally to other environments
  • Review schedules and understand the distribution of information that competes with reports that are developed and centrally managed

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