It has been great to work with our customers to improve both Sherlock, but also their use of Sherlock.  Here are some fun stories about how our customers have used Sherlock.

85%Decrease in the duration of running schedules due to the use of Sherlock metrics to realize a previously unrecognized system hardware failure.  This also brought with it a 75% decrease in the number of failures in scheduled content. – Retail Industry Customer

42%Overall user licenses recovered due to an environment health check using Sherlock.  This also resulted in the development of an automated license management process for detecting, archiving, and removing inactive users. – Banking Industry Customer

15%Reduction in the number of overall universes due to content assessment using Sherlock which resulted in the realization of universes that were not used for BI content.  In addition, there was a consolation of several universes due to duplication of universes and a reduction in the number of overall available objects due to many universe objects never being used by the BI community. – Healthcare Industry Customer

72%611,405 reports that were identified as eligible for removal based upon lack of utilization over a 12 year period within the environment of a very large customer. – Insurance Industry Customer


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